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Jiri Jirasek was born at the onset of World War II in Czechoslovakia. During the 1960's, he founded the art photography group, Imaginum, and obtained an Engineering degree from Prague University. In 1968 he established his new home in Canada with his first wife and two children and became a supervisor in research and development for a large mining company.

Jiri created Cosmic Trend Press in 1983 publishing numerous poetry anthologies, many illustrated by his daughter, Aida, and his second wife, Joyce Charrey, as well as her daughter Kaline Charrey. Anthologies were often accompanied by audio cassettes of Jiri's music and his narration of selected poems. Cosmic Trend also published numerous special projects profiling selected poets over the span of two decades.

Jiri's 2006 poetry collection, "Soul Estates", included many of his past contributions to anthologies, as well as previously unpublished poems of a more inward nature.

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Soul Estates
by Jiri Jirasek
Published by IN Publications

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In this moving collection, "SOUL ESTATES", the intense Czech poet, Jiri Jirasek, invites the reader to enter four different and deeply personal soul domains.

Part 1, Fawn Interludes, is a country of flowering meadows and whispering streams,
an ideal setting for the delicate awakening of the senses and the first flush of young passion.

In sharp contrast Part 2, Collateral Love, is a desolate habitat, a drab sweep of moorland, a place of solitary brooding and regret.

In Part 3, Subtle Fires, one could imagine a lush tropical island,
a playground for the unrestrained freedom of mature sexuality and complex passion, striving towards love.

Part 4, Soul Asymptotes, moves to another realm, the heights and depths of the soul in a cosmos of elusive meaning.
The key to understanding this last section is in its title!
An "asymptote" in math is a line or curve closely approaching another line,
but never touching it,
as the two lines stretch to infinity.
In the language of this poet, wisdom and love are soul asymptotes that never attain fulfillment.


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