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The Lesser Guardian Cover

The Lesser Guardian
Joanna Nealon

Published by IN Publications

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Joanna Nealon’s Sixth book moves grippingly through three parts: first, dismal misery; then, vigorous but premature attacks to free the self from its pain; and lastly a haunting and original image to celebrate a new human capacity, the thinking heart, “The heart is the lens/ For the real Sky, / Not the touted telescope” the final poem begins. It ends showing that cosmic beings look “long and deeply” through the lens, “Waiting, waiting, / For the heart to see.” Nealon’s surprising last line both closes her brilliant book and arouses readers and hearers to expect the heart/lens to see.

Her new and bold image may be rich in meaning from a poet who has been blind since she was nineteen, decades ago.

Gertrude Reif Hughes Professor Emerita, Wesleyan University

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